Beagle IM

Lightweight & powerful XMPP client for macOS

About Beagle IM

Beagle IM by Tigase, Inc. is a lightweight and powerful XMPP client for macOS.

It provides an easy way to start using XMPP protocol (formelly known as Jabber) if you've never used it before.

Veterans of the protocol will find many features with which they are familiar and a few enhancements.

Dark or Light?

Beagle IM supports dark mode introduced in macOS Mojave. It can adapt to the system theme or you can use which one you want. It is up to you!

Focus on conversation

Convesation is displayed in the linear form with all messages aligned to the left. This way you can read it quicker than jumping from buble on the left to buble on the right!

Clean and powerful chats and group chats

Thanks to clean UI you can easily join or manage group chats.

In Beagle IM markdown formatting is a first class citizen. You can use it in every message making you messages more expressive than just with plain text.

Make a call

If you are tired of typing but you still want to chat, then just make a call. With Beagle IM you may call your contact and better express yourself!


Do you want to keep your conversions private? You can do so by enabling OMEMO end-to-end encryption!